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Have you ever wondered why a chameleon changes colour or how they are able to climb the tallest of trees? Come and discover these INCREDIBLE reptiles!

One of our reptile keepers will take you on a journey through the Tropical Realm, a warm and immersive habitat home to species such as Parson’s chameleon, collard iguana and South Eastern girdled lizard! Learn all about their daily routine from the tasty grubs they eat to their favourite hangouts.

You’ll get the chance to feed the chameleon and watch it gobble up its bugs – yum! You’ll be amazed by their long, sticky tongues which are twice the length of their bodies! Learn about the realities of life in the wild and what we do at Chester Zoo to replicate their wet and humid Madagascan climate, as well as the work we do in the field to protect these species from extinction.

Your experience will last approximately 45 minutes with roughly 20 minutes spent with the animals.

As well as the chance to meet and feed our chameleons in their shared habitat in the Tropical Realm and ask our keepers any questions you may have, your experience includes your zoo admission, an exclusive gift on the day and experience certificate.

Terms and conditions
Experience includes admission for the participants only.

The Experience is available for adults and children over the age of 8 years old; however children between the ages of 8 to 15 years old must be accompanied into the zoo by a spectating parent or guardian paying normal zoo admission (1 adult per 1 child).

Please ensure you bring a bottle of water with you, which can be filled up in Adventure HQ. The Chameleon habitat is warm.

Regrettably certain guests will be unable to take part including people with relevant phobias or known allergies; and immunocompromised individuals.

Whilst every effort is made to accommodate those with a disability or learning difficulty, due to practicality and health and safety this cannot always be achieved – contact Chester Zoo before purchasing.

Maximum of 2 people per experience.

Available all year round.

For Chester Zoo's full Terms and Conditions please visit the link below

Terms and Conditions | Chester Zoo

Included in your Experiences gift box you will receive;

A card with the details of how to book your experience

An exclusive experiences keyring

A gift from our selection above.

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If you have changed your mind you can return your order at your own cost as long as it is within 28 days of purchase.  

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