House of Sumatra Sumatran Coffee Whole Beans 250g

by Zealots
Type: Homewares

Our signature blend of Sumatran coffee is full-bodied with a light acidity and features notes of milk chocolate, berries, caramel and nuts. Leaving a sweet fruity aftertaste.

This single bean coffee is grown in Sumatra by a company called Ketaira. Ketaira is a women-owned and managed coffee co-operative on the Aceh province. The group has 18 women in leadership roles and is part of Cafe Femenino, a supply chain/framework that gives women farmers credit for their crucial roles in the coffee industry.

so, not only do you get a delicious brew and a medium strength hit of caffeine but you are also helping to empower women in the Indonesian workforce.


Sumatran single estate coffee beans

<2kcal per 100g

How to store

Coffee starts to deteriorate in flavour the instant it is ground, so only grind the amount you are going to use there and then (18 grams of coffee is an espresso serving). Store your beans in a cool, dry place and keep the bag sealed. Do not store in the fridge or freezer.

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