Djembe Drum 40cm Musical Instrument

  • £8.99

These djembe drum shave been handcrafted in Bali.

Traditionally, djembes are carved from a single log of hardwood, a number of different wood species can be used, all of which are hard and dense.

The goblet shaped shells are carved soon after the tree is felled, whilst the wood still retains some moisture and is softer. This makes the wood easier to carve and avoids radial splits that tend to develop in logs that are allowed to dry naturally.

Carvers use simple hand tools, such as axes, adzes, spoke shaves and rasps to shape the shell. A well-carved djembe does not have a smooth interior but a texture of scallops or shallow grooves that influence the sound of the instrument. 

Our Djembe drums have been painted in a traditional dot design that is widely used in Bali, so each one is unique.

NOTE: This is NOT a toy. Not suitable for children under 3