House of Sumatra Mexican Mountain Water Decaf Coffee Whole Beans 250g

  • £7.95

Our signature blend of single bean decaf coffee is round bodied with bright acidity. It features notes of sweet chocolate and light citrus with caramel undertones. Leaving a clean aftertaste.

The Beans for this coffee are grown on a single estate in Veracruz. The family who own the estate have been producing coffee for three generations and had been certified for its sustainable production.

The beans are immersed in water from the highest glaciers in Mexico to remove the caffeine which allows the beans to retain their flavour but have the caffeine stripped away. The water is then passed through a filter that removes the caffeine from the water and so, the water can be reused. 


Mexican single estate. Mountain water washed decaffeination process

<2kcal per 100g

How to store

Coffee starts to deteriorate in flavour the instant it is ground, so only grind the amount you are going to use there and then (18 grams of coffee is an espresso serving). Store your beans in a cool, dry place and keep the bag sealed. Do not store in the fridge or freezer.