Dinosaur Snap!

  • £5.99

Snap is only the start of the fun with these creative Dinosaur Snap game cards for kids. There are ten activities in total for kids of all ages to enjoy

Every activity helps your child to develop their memory, vocabulary, fine motor skills, concentration and attention to detail, as well as being tremendous fun.

The ten activities and games include snap, pairs (turning two cards over to find a pair), lotto (turn over the pile of cards to find a match to your six cards), guess who (try to guess a card before turning it over), sorting (sort into piles based on colour, size, features etc), puzzle (turn over the cards to make a giant puzzle), go fish (collect sets of matching cards) and storytime (choose some dinosaur characters and use our ‘story starter ideas’ to get going. The instruction leaflet included explains the rules of each game, and the games need one, two or three players.